AB Bulk Mailer 9.0.3: sends million emails per day free. grab contacts from google,email verifier

AB Bulk Mailer 9.0.3

AB Bulk mailer, worlds best selling email marketing software,with built-in email extractor, email verifier, add poster on facebook/twitter.Imagine how many orders you get when your sales mail goes direct to inbox..Allows multiple emai message subjects, multiple rotating bodies, rotating reply id`. Extracting mails from craigslist, twitter, youtube, facebook , has built in automatic add posters that posts adds to twitter/facebook

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Facebook Auto Poster and Scheduler 5.5: The Ultimate Facebook Auto Poster -  Automatic Group Joining and Posting

Facebook Auto Poster and Scheduler 5.5

Facebook Auto Poster is a lightweight tool designed to help users post mass private facebook message, group post, searching for groups and automatic joining, schedule your post to groups, post to wall. The great tool allow you advertising and driving traffic to your website your website. You can get from hundreds to thousands Facebook visitors daily WITHOUT CLICK. The program have a good scheduler manager for you.

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FB Group Poster Software 16-02-04: FB Group Poster Software Will Promote Your Product Or Brand With A Click

FB Group Poster Software 16-02-04

FB Group Poster Software Will Promote Your Product Or Brand Instantly With A Few Clicks. No Facebook App Needed. FB Group Poster Software is a helpfull tool to help users post their messages to group post, searching for groups and join them. The great tool allow you advertising and driving traffic to your website. You can get from hundreds to thousands Facebook visitors daily without a click. FB Group Poster Software enables you to search groups.

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RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.01.55: Poster design software with a lot of predesigned poster, banners, sign templates

RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.01.55

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Bigasoft Facebook Downloader Facebook Video Downloader downloads Facebook video and converts Facebook MP3.

Bigasoft Facebook Downloader

Facebook videos. Feasures: 1.Bigasoft Facebook Downloader is both Facebook Video Downloader and Facebook MP3 Converter that are able to download and convert Facebook video. 2.It is a good Facebook downloader as well as a universal video downloader. The powerful Facebook Downloader can download videos from Facebook and other 1000 popular video sharing sites. 3.Bigasoft Facebook Downloader can download online Facebook video and convert Facebook video

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Facebook FriendAdder Pro 2.3.0: The best facebook marketing tool with friend adder, wall poster,Message sender

Facebook FriendAdder Pro 2.3.0

Facebook FriendAdder Pro can spare no effort to help you to achieve your success. With Facebook FriendAdder Pro, you can + manage THOUSANDS of facebook accounts + manage proxies and auto assign them to facebook accounts + start 10 accounts to work at the same time + fill profile information, upload photos and change password + gather mass targeted facebook friend IDs + send mass facebook friend requests to targeted people + confirm mass facebook

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Click2Poster 1.0: Poster or Banner maker software prints enlarged signs in any size you wish.

Click2Poster 1.0

Poster will create a full-color or black and white enlarged poster. Just staple, tape, or glue the pages together to make your poster. Click2Poster prints a bit extra on each page to make it easier to assemble your poster. • Works with Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista • Use any standard Inkjet or Laser Printer • Print any size poster. You specify the exact size and Click2Poster will optimize to use the least paper to make the poster. • Print posters

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RonyaSoft Poster Printer 3.01.41: Big-scale printing on standard sized paper. Print posters and banners yourself!

RonyaSoft Poster Printer 3.01.41

Use an ordinary printer to make big posters, banners and maps! The Poster Printer software creates posters with the size up to 10 x 10 meters. Decide on any photo or image, Word Document with text or a drawing on it, and poster creator will calculate and print the amount of paper needed to make a poster or make a banner. For a large poster, you will need an A3, A4 format printer, sticky tape, a pair of scissors and your powerful poster software.

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Facebook Login 1.0: Speeder, secures Facebook browsing than your normal browser with Facebook Login

Facebook Login 1.0

Facebook Account. You are Now FREE with Hacking and Phishing . Much more Features with this Software like Internet Speed Browsing. If you have any suspicion for hacking attack to your Facebook account or already running key logger on any PC. Facebook Login Proxy allows you to bypass Facebook restrictions from your government, workplace or college. Anywhere, Facebook now is available in your area with Facebook Login, Now you can login Facebook or

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Poster 7.9: Make BIG posters, signs, banners, photo murals, enlargements

Poster 7.9

POSTER is the award-winning program for making big posters, signs, banners, and murals, and enlargements. Posters can be up to 100x100 feet. Poster combines the best features of word-processing, graphics, and desktop publishing with features especially tuned for big posters and banners. This includes flexibile graphics, a full set of drawing tools and over 100 special text effects. Includes tutoral, extensive help, examples and templates.

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